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Dotmatics is pleased to offer our industry-leading electronic lab notebook solution in a simple hosted edition design to allow small research teams to jump-start their discovery journey. This offering provides the exact same Dotmatics Studies Notebook solution used enterprise-wide by hundreds of research organizations and thousands of scientists worldwide to capture their experiments, secure their IP and collaborate on their projects. The edition features a standard template to capture general discovery experiments as well as a template designed for medicinal & synthetic chemistry experiments.

Integrated Capabilities

Key Features of

Security and Audit

  • Highly secure hosting on Amazon AWS
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant audit trail and electronic signature
  • Encrypted PDF generated and stored on completion of experiments

Scientific Breadth

  • Discovery and MedChem ELN Templates to capture reactions, structures, sequences, images, video, text and documents
  • Dotmatics Elemental chemical sketching built-in

Team Collaboration

  • Unlimited experiments and collaboration for teams of up to ten scientists
  • Full scientific search of experiments

Future Proof

  • Export all experiment data when needed
  • Upgrade to a full enterprise instance at any time with migration of all existing experiments

Why Should You Take an ELN with You
on Your Latest Biotech Startup Venture?

Starting up a new biotech is very exciting but challenging at the same time.

Getting started with an ELN is as simple as deciding whether to run the company on Google Docs or Office 365!

Steve Gallagher CEO, Dotmatics, shares his thoughts on why every startup founder should choose an ELN rather than settle for a compromise like spreadsheets, reports and email, even for a short while.

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Which Product is Right for Your Team?

Feature Dotmatics Studies Notebook
Secure AWS hosting
21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
Full audit trail for IP protection
Standard discovery and medchem templates
Unlimited experiments
Personal and shared experiments & notebooks
Scientific search of ELN records
Encrypted PDF on completion
Chemical sketching
SaaS Instance Type Multi Tenant Single Tenant
Number of Users =10 Unlimited
Private cloud & on-premise options
Create & modify ELN Templates
Integration to Dotmatics Suite (chem/bio registration, inventory, work request etc)
APIs for automation and integration to 3rd party software

Request a Quote is available to organizations that:

  • Will have no more than 10 scientists using the ELN
  • Have no existing Dotmatics licenses
  • Will commit to at least one year of*

*unless upgrading to Dotmatics Studies ELN during the year.


What are People Saying about Dotmatics

Chinook Therapeutics adopted the Dotmatics Studies Notebook in our early stages of R&D”, said Tao Sheng, Scientist II. “We were able to get up and running with the ELN very quickly and easily and this ensured that we could immediately capture and collaborate on our experiments and make sure our IP was secure. Since then we have grown and expanded our scientific programs, and the ELN has grown with us at every step. Dotmatics’ new offering should make it even easier for start-up companies to be up and running with an ELN the moment they first start on their research efforts.
Tao Sheng
Scientist II, Chinook Therapeutics
We’re thrilled to offer this new ELN to support start-ups and provide a strong technology platform as a springboard to expansion. ELNs are an essential part of lab and IT infrastructure and so we have worked hard to deliver a product that can be set up and established quickly and early in a company's development to ensure they are able to maximize productivity and safeguard their IP from day one.
Dr. Stephen Gallagher
CEO Dotmatics

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